The easy, innovative platform to add interaction to video

Showtag's platform adds an invisible layer to your videos. Make anything in your videos shoppable & interactive through a customisable overlay.

Three simple steps

upload your video

Any video can be made to offer interactive layers. Any video can be played within another video. No need to change video streaming providers or start managing streaming yourself we work with your current player.

use the tools

Flexibly add multiple interaction layers to video. Layers can be shown while video plays, or only upon pause. Efficiently use existing assets. No clunky web pages – full flexibility in design.

publish and measure

Simply publish your video, copy a single line of code and analyse viewership. See all details about how viewers interact with your video and optimise viewership

Showtag Enabled is a simple and intuitive platform designed to help make your videos come to life. Enable your content to be more engaging in an unobtrusive manner. Showtag Enabled lets you tag products, people, music. You can incorporate quizzes, banners, menus and such to make communication a 2-way process. Having the ability to educate the audience beyond than the usual is liberating. Together, let us open up the creative possibilities and stop videos being a one-way street.

Some of the cool features available in the Showtag Enabled tool

Clickable banners

Banners can be standard or creatively designed in any format. They can be pushed to viewers when watching or only made available upon pausing the video.

Product tagging

A flexible tag is placed on products each time they appear in the video. Clicking the tag will either provide more information or directly place the product in your shopping basket. Tags are displayed whenever the video is paused.

Video in Video

Additional videos can be presented to and played by customers. The additional videos overlays on top of the paused original video, which simply continues where left off when playback of the additional video is cancelled.