Easy interactive video solutions

Add tags and interactivity to any video to sell products and increase viewing time. It's time to take your marketing to the next level for increased conversion and customer engagement.

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Start a conversation with viewers on and off platform through features like add to watchlist or favourites. Bring social media into your content or take viewer experiences out to social media.

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Keep viewers longer on your platform to increase loyalty and customer lifetime. And why not directly upsell viewers from free content to paid subscriptions - don't let them slip!

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Make Money


Increase revenue from branded entertainment partners and advertisers. Improve commercial proposition versus other publishers and social media companies.

Simple, Unintrusive, effective

Our suite of interactive features is a toolkit that can be deployed in any combination to reach your goals. Each feature automatically adjusts to be the most optimal form for the screen the viewer is watching on.

We understand that interrupting viewing experiences unnecessarily only leads to dissatisfied viewers. That's why we have uniquely designed our tools so that interactive- and shopping options are only made available upon pausing a video. Hence we create a seamless viewing experience to enhance video marketing without disrupting a seamless viewing experience. And by the way, all interactive options can be experience within the video so viewers never leave the content they are watching.


Transform your videos from flat and one-dimensional to truly immersive and interactive experiences with our platform. Layer multiple interactive elements such as calls to action and menus with frame-accurate timing to increase engagement and conversions with your brand.


Our platform offers a seamless integration with your existing systems, enabling you to focus on growing your business without the need for new skills. Get started with ease and achieve your goals quickly and efficiently. Join the ranks of successful businesses who have already unlocked the power of our solution and start realizing your full potential today!

Low operating cost

Unlock the cost-effective way to implement interactive features with Showtag's widely-known web standards, requiring no expensive training or learning curves. Rely on your existing frontend developers to enhance user engagement, improve website functionality, and create stunning visual effects, all with Showtag's effortless platform.

Design freedom

Elevate your brand with fully customized interactive templates that perfectly fit your brand and design. With our platform, you can apply customization to a single video or across franchises and content brands, providing the flexibility to create immersive experiences that truly reflect your brand identity.

Engage and Make Money

Increase the value of branded content and product placement by allowing advertisers to sell their product. Or add sales promotions, contact forms or interactive (video) banners.

Enhance viewer experience and increase brand engagement with Showtag Enabled's interactive video tags and engagement tools. Lead your audience to watch more and get them deeply involved in your stories, resulting in increased viewing time and loyalty.

Increase the value of branded content and product placement by allowing advertisers to sell their products or services. Add sales promotions, contact forms, or interactive (video) banners to monetize your content and generate additional revenue streams.

Achieve Seamless Integration of Video Tagging and Interactivity for Your Platform

Integrate our powerful video tagging and interactivity tool into your platform without making any changes to your existing infrastructure. Enjoy a seamless integration process and provide your viewers with an interactive and engaging video experience.

Seamless with Any Platform

With Showtag Enabled, achieving seamless integration of video tagging and interactivity is easy. Our tool works with any player, streaming, and hosting provider, so you can get up and running quickly and without hassle.

Effortless with a Simple Plugin

Achieving seamless integration of video tagging and interactivity doesn't have to be complicated. With Showtag Enabled, our simple vanilla JavaScript plugin makes it easy. Simply upload and integrate with your player, and let the plugin do the rest.

Fast and Reliable Integration

Don't let slow loading times and technical difficulties get in the way of achieving seamless integration. With Showtag Enabled, our lightweight plugin and interactive elements ensure fast and reliable integration, every time.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Don't break the bank trying to achieve seamless integration of video tagging and interactivity. With Showtag Enabled, updates can be easily uploaded without the need for renewed integration or extensive regression testing, so you can save time and money.

Customizable for Your Brand

Achieving seamless integration doesn't mean sacrificing your brand's unique style and personality. With Showtag Enabled, you can customize all interaction elements to fit your brand or specific needs, so you can achieve seamless integration that's tailored to your platform.

VAST/VPaid Compliant

Don't compromise on video advertising standards when it comes to achieving seamless integration. With Showtag Enabled, our tool is fully VAST/VPaid compliant, so you can ensure seamless integration that meets industry standards.

Your Marketing Strategy

Viewers can easily discover and purchase featured products, while our partners benefit from instant brand recognition. Join the ranks of our satisfied partners today and take your marketing game to the next level!

Turn passive viewers
into active participants

create a lasting impact on your audience