More engagement
with interactive video made simple

Are you ready to discover the power of
interactive video? Offer your audience new
ways to engage with you and your advertisers an alternative to Social Network ads. Use our platform to create profitable and engaging interactive videos within minutes.

More engagement with interactive video made simple
It’s challenging to compete with Big Tech.

Social media offers shoppable video and direct response. You would like to compete, but you haven’t yet found the right tools.

Advertiser budgets are no certainty.

You have embraced programmatic and even upgraded addressability to win advertiser budgets. Now you need to consider how to leapfrog the innovation curve to get ahead of competition.

Innovation takes too long.

It takes big budgets and long development cycles to deliver new products. So it’s very important for suppliers to bring a very simple solution to the table.

Are you facing
similar challenges?

You’re not alone. Creators, publishers and advertisers alike are looking to improve their return on content investments with simple, proven solutions. Showtag’s interactive video solutions are both simple and versatile, allowing you to address these challenges effectively.

Engage viewers or implement
shoppable video quickly

Here’s how it works, in 3 simple steps.

More engagement with interactive video made simple


Set new winning goals

Explore how the endless possibilities can help you reach your objectives or create new business models. With our wide range of features and intuitive technology you’ll be able to experiment easily.


Implement and publish fast

Innovate at lightspeed and minimize leadtimes. Our technology is simple and easy to use, working seamlessly with all videoplayers and formats.

More engagement with interactive video made simple
More engagement with interactive video made simple


Grow revenue and engagement

Once you are happy, just click publish to make your shoppable video available in your webshop.

Your distinct needs are
met by a distinct solution

Are you a creator, publisher or advertiser?

content creator

You are keen to engage your audience in meaningful ways. Have you considered video-in-video, voting, live statistics or polling? It's all possible and more in a simple way. And without being intrusive, it can be activated on pausing your content only.

publisher or advertiser

Simply use the power of interactive video to create new revenue streams or more compelling ads. Maybe you would like to offer shoppable video? No problem. Strengthen your brand, grow customers and grow revenue at the same time.

Some core interactive
features of our solution

Shoppable video ​

Sell featured products by tagging them in a video. A flexible tag is placed on products each time they appear in the video. Clicking the tag will either provide more information or directly place the product in your shopping basket.

Video in Video

Additional videos can be presented to and played by customers. The additional videos overlays on top of the paused original video, which simply continues where left off when playback of the additional video is cancelled.

Clickable Banners

Banners can be standard or creatively designed in any format. They can be pushed to viewers when watching or only made available upon pausing the video. Banners can be an image or even transparent video.

Main menu

Default placed in the top of the screen but can be positioned anywhere. The main menu can be switched off. Activated in mouse over or even added to live stream. The main menu can be completely adjusted for each programme

Direct Response

A two-stage element that can be pushed to the front to inform the user an action can be taken in that time segment. Allow viewers to leave contact details, subscribe to a newsletter or book a testdrive.

Cast & Crew

A flexible tag is placed on a person each time they appear in the video. Clicking the tag will either provide more information, add additional videos or direct viewers to Instagram, Facebook or other social media.

Diversify your revenue
models and strengthen
your brand

Create a lasting impact on your audience.

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