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Interactive Video
Made Simple

We live in the golden age of professional video. From global streaming players to local enterpreneurs and influencers, many are creating, publishing and monetizing video successfully. So the question is, how does one stand out from the crowd? And what’s the next big development in the video publishing domain?

We believe that the we are entering the world of interactive video. Soon, viewers will no longer be content with accepting that whatever they are watching is a dead end. Platforms desire to increase engagement and brands are pushing forward with shoppable formats. To make all of this easily available to everyone who publishes video, we have created Showtag. It is our vision that adding engagement options to each video is in everyone’s reach and fulfills a long standing need.

Our Values

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We believe that being open, keeping promises and sincere communication are the key to long lasting relationships and business value. Even when things do go wrong, being transparent is the quickest and most efficient way to get it back on track.

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Ultimately, only the customer experience matters. We always keep a laser sharp focus on what the viewer experiences and how we can contribute towards making his life easier, more enjoyable and more fulfilling.

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Nobody knows everything, so we don’t either. At the same time, good ideas come from any person and any direction. So we aim to constructively work with smart people and smart customers to create magical experiences and grow our products and tools.

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