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Increasing market share through interactive video

Your advertisers and major accounts have been moving their budgets to Facebook, Youtube and Snapchat. Shoppable video and other features will inspire and help you to reclaim your role as a leader in your domain. Start winning back the budgets! Not just for regular advertising but especially also for branded content.

It's technically much easier than you imagine

We are sure you are tired of complicated technical integration processes and ever increasing budgets to develop platforms. Let us show you that it does not need to be that way, it can be very simple indeed.

Strengthen your leadership in 2022

All digital marketing trends watchers agree: one of the main 2022 developments is the rise of shoppable video. The main social media platforms are well positioned to deliver upon this trend. Let's discuss how we can help you be ready too and start the year blazing.

"This consult really gave us the insights
needed to kickstart our shoppable video offering.
We now offer it as a standard tool in any Branded Content project."

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