The easy, innovative platform to add interaction to video

Simply add the desired interaction to your videos or programmes with the click of a button

Connect, Engage, Make Money

Businesses connecting and engaging with viewers will improve KPI’s and grow revenue

Viewer Engagement

Add depth and storytelling for the viewer by offering information, additional video, statistics and social media feeds.

Branded content

Offer brands the opportunity to engage viewers or directly sell products and services.

Ad sales

Offer advertisers the opportunity to directly interact with viewers to drive CPM improvements.

Cross Promotion

Optimally use existing real estate to promote other programmes or assets.

Some of the cool features available in the Showtag Enabled tool

HTML elements

Use the HTML element to add an iframe element to the video. Use it to add javascript, videos or even forms to generate leads – directly triggered in the video and connected to your environment for easy data access.

Live Data

Serve up live data through voting or audience participation – or integrate any data stream. The data is available during and after the broadcast.

Product overview

Viewers can see all connected products on offer in the video menu, making it simple to purchase any items featured in the video. The products can be seperated into two list.

No need for changes in your current infrastructure

Adding Showtag layers to your (partners’) videos efficiently slots in to all of your existing set up

Digital assets

Deploying any existing digital materials currently developed, including banners and campaign management systems.


Any video can be made to offer interactive layers. Any video can be played within another video.


Existing workflows do not need to be adjusted. Deploying Showtag interactive layers efficiently fits in existing workflows.

Streaming provider

No need to change video streaming providers or start managing streaming yourself.

Sales channels

Current partners the right target audience for adding interactive layers to your or their videos.