Gogglesoc is also setting an excellent example for finding your viewers where they hang out online.

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Gogglesoc is a brand with a growing reputation. As their name suggests, they offer a range of covers, protectors, and holders for a range of eye accessories, such as spectacles, snow goggles, etc. One of the brand's fundamental tenets is eco-friendliness and sustainability, with many of its products being made from recyclables.

The brand started as a small Canada-based startup between a trio of friends but has expanded its operation internationally.

What was their approach?

While Gogglesoc has made several interactive videos before, they took things one step further by launching an entire interactive digital trade show:

To pull this off, they put the viewer into the driving seat, allowing you to steer the experience. You can learn more about their brand, merchandise, products and even directly make orders from links in the video. All the while, you are treated to breathtaking videos showcasing their products being used in the real world.

Image taken from NBCUniversal

Why it works​

Gogglesoc is an up-and-coming brand with a strong set of principles and a specific problem to help solve. Trying to portray all of that in written content would be relatively dull. However, putting it in an interactive video format allows them to clearly explain who they are, what they do, and what they have to offer in a more entertaining and engaging format.

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The viewer can control the experience to what information interests them so that it doesn't feel like a lecture. It also gives the brand a more personable feel, hearing straight from their founders.

Gogglesoc is also setting an excellent example for finding your viewers where they hang out online. For instance, they have expanded their interactive shopping campaigns to channels like Instagram and Facebook.

What are the results? What's next?

Shoppable videos don’t always have to be focused on fashion. Even the smallest product like canned carrots can give some great results.


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