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The key success factor behind NBCUniversal Checkout is that it shortens the gap between the point of inspiration and action.​

No stranger to innovation, Neiman Marcus upped their traditional video ad campaigns by launching a series of interactive shopping videos in collaboration with Vogue.

This follows some of the company's in-store interactive shopping experiences, such as these interactive tables.

What was their approach?

The videos usually feature celebrities, such as model Kate Upton and actress Taraji P. Henderson.

They also come in a variety of styles. For example, while the Kate Upton video follows a traditional fashion ad format, the video featuring Henderson, called "A Night at Neiman's", follows her as she is supposedly locked into a Neiman's store throughout the night.

Throughout their shoppable video campaigns, Neiman's also take advantage of seasonal or timely trends. For example, the Henderson video is Xmas themed and primarily promotes their Holiday season line.

Throughout the video, a clickable "Shop Now" video is displayed on the right-hand side. When clicked, it will take the user to a fairly typical product page with a gallery, price, "Shop Now" button, and related products to "complete the look."

Image taken from NBCUniversal

Why it worked

First of all, Neiman Marcus and Vogue did an excellent job of creating as many moments of inspiration as possible.

Checkout generates interactivity rates of over 30%

The technology behind the video uses AI and machine learning to identify items and object-level. This is what enables the video to feature over 100 interactive points.

In her video, Henderson continually changes outfits as she goes about various activities. This is purposefully done to make an "aha!" moment for the viewer in which they see themselves in the same situation wearing the same outfit or accessory.

By displaying a perpetual "Shop Now" button, they allow for an unobstructed viewing experience. While this makes it less interactive, it allows viewers to get maximum entertainment from the humorous video, keeping them tuned in.

Finally, by providing the user with relevant information and products, they can fully capitalize on going from the point of inspiration to action.

What were the results?

To date, the interactive video campaign by Neiman Marcus and Vogues has a CTR of 3.25 with a 37% interactivity rate. That's better than most traditional retail marketing channels.


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