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The basis for all interactive services is a set of tools that can be deployed in any combination and sequence to allow you to reach your objectives. Think of the Showtag tools as your essential toolkit to build the interactive experience that brings value to your customers and your company. The toolkit is available in a simple, efficient format that allows you to quickly deploy the most essential functionality. If you prefer to use your full brand and design kit, then that’s possible too.

Shoppable video

Sell featured products by tagging them in a video. A flexible tag is placed on products each time they appear in the video. Clicking the tag will either provide more information or directly place the product in your shopping basket.

Video in Video

Additional videos can be presented to and played by customers. The additional videos overlays on top of the paused original video, which simply continues where left off when playback of the additional video is cancelled.

Clickable Banners

Banners can be standard or creatively designed in any format. They can be pushed to viewers when watching or only made available upon pausing the video. Banners can be an image or even transparent video.

Main menu

Default placed in the top of the screen but can be positioned anywhere. The main menu can be switched off. Activated in mouse over or even added to live stream. The main menu can be completely adjusted for each video.

Direct Response

A two-stage element that can be pushed to the front to inform the user an action can be taken in that time segment. Allow viewers to leave contact details, subscribe to a newsletter or book a testdrive.

Cast & Crew

A flexible tag is placed on a person each time they appear in the video. Clicking the tag will either provide more information, add additional videos or direct viewers to Instagram, Facebook or other social media.

Live Data

Serve up live data through voting or audience participation – or integrate any data stream. The data is available during and after the broadcast.

Meta Data

Elegantly display relevant metadata about your programme on screen during pause incl. logo.

Shopping list

Products on the custom product list have the option to instantly fill the shopping basket.

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