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Video increases sales - reportedly with up to 80%. Now imagine this video being shoppable. Showtag makes this easily available to you now. So increase your sales and delight your customers at the same time. Once you have created or sourced your video, Showtag can make it available as your store front. And on top of that, make your video shoppable with the simple and intuitive Showtag online tool. To learn about shoppable video, visit our blog pages.

According to Unbounce, using videos on landing pages can increase conversion rates by up to 80%. Now add the shoppable element and conversion grows even further.

Three simple steps to turn your
storefront into a shoppable video

Here’s how it works Shoppable video is available for you with ECWID


Upload your video

you can upload as many videos as you like and work on them, however only one video can be published and becomes visible in your store. Videos can be uploaded in the Showtag Studio in MP4 format.


Tag your products

All your products are synced with the Showtag platform, what is left is a simple drag and drop on the video timeline. Your product catalogue has automatically been uploaded into Showtag for your convenience and is automatically updated. Shoppable video is available for you with ECWID


Publish to your webshop

It’s possible to upload as many video’s as you desire, but at any given moment, only the video you have published will be visible in your store. Every time you publish a different video, the newly published one will be visible. We will take care of hosting and playout

but wait.... there is more

Your video can be published on any website and website builder platforms such as Wix and WordPress sites. Simply copy the provided embed code in your page and your shoppable video is now sending the users from any external website to your online store. Want to try it out, simply copy this code of our demo store

<iframe style=”width: 75%; height: 600px; border: 0px;” frameborder=”0″ srcdoc='<div id=”videocontainer” data-vimeo-id=”675409581″ data-shop-id=”62935846″ data-shop-language=”en”></div><script src=””></script><script src=””></script>’></iframe>

Enrich your online store with shoppable video Shoppable video is available for you with ECWID

Set up your Ecwid store to easily sell across a website, social media, and marketplaces. Ecwid makes it easy with centralized inventory, order management, pricing, and more. Always Free Plan. Existing Site Integration. Free Social Network App. Shoppable video is available for you with ECWID

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