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Wat Eten We?
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Local Celebrity Chef Roberta Pagnier prepares a simple and easy recipe in the daily cooking show “Wat eten we?” The show is sponsored by Jumbo Supermarkets - a leading Dutch supermarket chain. The interactive layer presents viewers with the option to order all ingredients with just one click. They get added to the Jumbo shopping cart to be delivered to the viewers doorstep. Other items that Jumbo sells, like soap, pans or even Roberta’s sweater are tagged throughout the video and can be ordered directly in either the Jumbo shop or any other provider.

Instead of showing a message to the viewers on the video itself, Talpa has chosen to show an pre-roll video to explain to the viewer that the program is interactive

Pre-Roll video

Added before each program on the streaming platform

Applied Features

The following features are used within 'Wat Eten We?'

Shoppable video

Sell featured products by tagging them in a video. A flexible tag is placed on products each time they appear in the video. Clicking the tag will either provide more information or directly place the product in your shopping basket. Show case: Paradise Hotel: Season 10 Norway MODERN TIMES GROUP
Custom Product List

Products on the custom product list have the option to instantly connect to an API and fill the shopping basket of a website/app with all the products in that category.

Product Details

clicik a tag or menu item to learn more about the product, the product details sections have an external link button to the website so no need to search on google.

Product Overview

Viewers can see all connected products on offer in the video menu, making it simple to purchase any items featured in the video. The products can be seperated into two list.

Everyone benefits from non-invasive interactive content

What makes Showtags interactive video solutions unique is that it does not interfere with the creative mind of the video director, producers and editor. Showtags interactive video solution is added after the final edit making it work for all steakholders involved with jeopardizing the integrity of the program.

the following is an interactive extract of the video.

00:00 - 01.30 product overview in menu
00:00 - 01:30 custom product list (ingredients)
00:00 - 01:30 product tags (shoppable video)
00:00 - 01:30 product details

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