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Are you broadcaster or publisher? And interested in offering your advertisers solutions that outperform Social networks? Including Shoppable Videos?

Create new revenue
streams in just minutes

There’s a solution meeting your specific objectives


Why not offer shoppable video? There’s a clear demand for it.

Offering advertisers simple direct response or shoppable video options creates the platform to start increasing CPM through valued services.


Reclaim the innovation lead role

Time to leapfrog local and global competitors by taking your product offering to the next frontier: shoppable video and direct response within ads and branded content. It really doesn’t need to be very complicated either.


Excellent tool for branded content

Branded content partners are particularly keen on monetising their content investment. Offering these partners the ability to directly sell their products through content certainly has a big appeal.


Full pricing flexibility

How you charge advertisers is up to you. The Showtag tools and business models are both flexible and independent from the way you decide to offer the services to your advertisers.

Compatible with all players, even your own..


There’s a solution meeting your specific objectives

Create new
opportunities with

Direct Response

A two-stage element that can be pushed to the front to inform the user an action can be taken in that time segment. Allow viewers to leave contact details, subscribe to a newsletter or book a testdrive.

Shoppable video

Sell featured products by tagging them in a video. A flexible tag is placed on products each time they appear in the video. Clicking the tag will either provide more information or directly place the product in your shopping basket.

Clickable Banners

Banners can be standard or creatively designed in any format. They can be pushed to viewers when watching or only made available upon pausing the video.

Diversify your revenue
models and strengthen
your brand

Create a lasting impact on your audience.

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