Turn passive viewers into active participants.

Let your audience vote, watch more content, dig deeper – all without leaving the programme. They can continue watching any time.

Create your own
interactions and off you go

There’s a solution meeting your specific objectives


Easily engage your audience

The Showtag online editing tool makes it easy to add interactions, videos, voting and statistics to any video you publish.


Cross promote content within your content

Promote other pieces of content within the content viewers are watching through banners, trailers, on screen pop-ups or use the pause moment.


Keep your existing player

Make a hasllefree and seamless step to this new technology, All that's required is a small plugin for your player. Nothing more.

Compatible with all players, even your own..


There’s a solution meeting your specific objectives

Create new
opportunities with


Serve up live data through voting or audience participation – or integrate any data stream. The data is available during and after the broadcast.

Video in Video

Additional videos can be presented to and played by customers. The additional videos overlays on top of the paused original video, which simply continues where left off when playback of the additional video is cancelled.

Cast & Crew

A flexible tag is placed on a person each time they appear in the video. Clicking the tag will either provide more information, add additional videos or direct viewers to Instagram, Facebook or other social media.

Diversify your revenue
models and strengthen
your brand

Create a lasting impact on your audience.

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