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Showtag supports interactive layers implemented on a VAST & VPAID compliant video server.

What is VAST

In the simplest form, VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) is a script which empowers video players to run video ads in coordination with ad servers. The purpose of VAST is to programme a video player such that it runs video ads (on different websites and devices viz. mobile, desktop, tablet) in the way publishers want. Layering VPAID (Video Player-Ad Interface Definition) onto VAST offers an enhanced solution. VPAID establishes a common communication protocol between video players and ad units that allows a single “executable ad” to be displayed in-stream with the publisher’s video content, in any compliant video player.

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Showtag supports linear and non-linear interactive ads. Within both versions there are limitations in what one can achieve with the interactivity in the Showtag Studio as not all features are supported. Check the feature list for VAST/VPAID supported features.


A linear VPAID creative appears by itself, not alongside publisher content. It can appear before, between, or after the publisher’s video. For example, a VPAID linear creative might interrupt a publisher’s cartoon to display a video commercial with interactive graphics overlaying the advertiser’s video content. 


Nonlinear ads appear alongside video content, running concurrently without disrupting content playback. While we focus here on video ads, these can also take the form of text or overlays deployed directly over the main content stream, product placements within the content video itself, and so on. The “nonlinear ad” label can apply to a broad range of products, but the key characteristic that binds them all together is their ability to run in tandem with the main video content without interrupting the audience’s viewing experience.

Companion ads

Both Linear and Non-linear Video ad products have the option of pairing their core video ad product with what is commonly referred to as companion ads. Commonly text, display ads, rich media, or skins that wrap around the video experience, can run alongside either or both the video or ad content.

The primary purpose of the Companion Ad product is to offer sustained visibility of the sponsor throughout the video content experience. Companion Ads may offer click-through interactivity and rich media experiences such as expansion of the ad for further engagement opportunities.

VAST/VPAID Preroll demo

the following is an ikea commercial made interactive in a vast/vpaid pre-roll. When an Ikea product is visible on the screen and the user presses the pause button the interactive layer becomes visible on top and the product can be clicked on the screen. To notify the user that these products can be clicked we have added a pop-up that notifies the user.

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