Interactive video’s
almost instantly

create an interactive layer on top
of your existing content in a
simple and effective way.

No need for changes in your current infrastructure

No need for changes in your current infrastructure

Adding Showtag layers to your (partners’) videos efficiently slots in to all of your existing set up

Empowering your stories has never been easier. Showtag Enabled™ helps you enhance the viewer experience and make your audience a part of the conversation. Video is going 1:1 and passive viewing is a thing of the past. Interactive experiences include shopping, additional information, video-in-video, menu’s, direct response and both traditional and video banners. There is no reason any longer for viewers not to interact with your story, engage with your brand or buy your products. Simply add the plugin or copy/paste from our code generator and done!

No need to change video streaming providers or start managing streaming yourself.

Any video can be made to offer interactive layers and any video can be played within another video.

showtag studio shoppable video

Combine features

The basis for all interactive services is a set of tools that can be deployed in any combination and sequence to allow you to reach your objectives.

By designers for designers

Work on the editor and the designer tool at the same time, get instant results. Make changes fast on a platform build by designers for designers. Create custom theme’s and experiences for each programme.

Endless ways to customize

Express your brand through a fully customizable interactive video together with Javascript Support.

Vanilla JavaScript plugin

Showtag Enabled™ is designed to be a part of the player. The look and feel for each video can be adapted to your needs with standard CSS3. Written in vanilla JavaScript and no dependencies. Lightweight and fast. Showtag Enabled™ runs directly from storage, utilizing CDN and eliminating the need of a database. Making it not only super fast but also cost effective.

Compatible with all players, even your own..

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Showtag partners with post-production houses for interactive services for it's clients

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